Disinfecting Your Home or Work Space Using Foggers

What is the best way to protect your home and office from Covid-19? While the anxiety surrounding the virus itself can feel overwhelming, we hope to put your mind a little more at ease by sharing a highly effective option for keeping your family and colleagues virus-free. Area Disinfecting or fogging is one of the quickest options to eliminate bacteria in you area and surfaces.. With the wide variety of choices fogging offers, there is an option for every need. While their techniques and chemical makeup are different, these three fogging options share the goal of reducing viruses and pathogens in the air and on everyday surfaces.

Aerosol Fogging

This is the most common of all fogging techniques, and for good reason. Aerosol disinfectant sprays are compact enough to be stored in your car or desk drawer for easy use. They don’t use electricity, gas, or heat and act fast to protect you and your loved ones against germs.

While convenient, there are some drawbacks to the aerosol sprays. The droplet size is the largest of all three fogging options— meaning the disinfectant fogging solution stays in the air for the least amount of time. Aerosol sprays are not refillable, so a new can needs to be repurchased every time you run out. Lastly, the disinfectant fogger liquid for Covid 19 contained in aerosol sprays has the lowest concentration of disinfectant out of the three options we have available. We recommend aerosol fogging as a great supplement to thermal or ULV fogging.

Thermal Fogging

Thermal fogging is a great disinfecting option that uses heat in order to vaporise the disinfecting solution. Once heated, the vapour solution is propelled out of the fogging machine and produces a visible cloud of disinfectant. The droplets produced by thermal fogging are the smallest of all three fogging options, meaning the solution stays in the air the longest and is best for penetrating tightly packed areas.

There are two types of thermal fogging, which are petrol and electric. Electric fogging is powered by either electricity or batteries. Thermal fogging that is powered by petrol requires a gas cylinder, usually propane, that needs to be attached to the disinfectant fogging machine. Due to the need for petrol consumption, this option is more expensive than its electric counterpart. However, its lack of electric cords makes it a convenient and portable disinfectant fogger machine.

ULV/Cold Fogging

The best disinfectant fogger for Covid 19 is ULV (ultra low volume) fogging, also known as cold fogging. It uses an innovative design that sends the disinfectant fogging solution through a high-pressure spout, vaporising the solution into microscopic droplets and propelling them into the air. The size of the droplets can be controlled by the operator, so this option is great for tight or dense areas to make sure the disinfectant has the best chances of penetrating all the nooks and crannies of your home or office. Likewise, the ability to control the droplet size uses less solution, making ULV fogging the most economical choice of all. Motors for ULV disinfectant fogging machines can be gas, electric, or battery powered, leaving every detail of this option up to the buyer’s preferences.

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